Using eigenCAM App on Desktop

Using eigenCAM App on Desktopng EigenCAM on Desktop

To use EigenCAM mobile app on a desktop computer, we recommend BlueStacks for this purpose.  BlueStacks is an emulator for running mobile apps on Windows or MAC and can be downloaded at

This is a quick tutorial on how to setup images in the BlueStacks emulator directory so that you can use them to perform post processing with EigenCAM. Don't forget to download the EigenCAM app to your smartphone before proceeding.

The  image above is taken with the pre-modified "Nikon S800C IR" and untouched.  This image has a full spectrum response from Visible-to-Near-IR.  No filter was used. The color balance was set to automatic.  The red color in the vegetation is due to strong response in the near infrared for the chlorophyll of the healthy grass, plants, and trees.  The green grass across the street is made of synthetic material and can be easily spotted as fake grass.