eigenCAM App

What's the EigenCAM App?

  • The EigenCAM app is an imaging and analysis software specifically designed for multi-spectral imaging applications to extract as much information as possible from the images. Promising applications include near infrared photography, vegetation analysis, assisted night vision, authentication, biological detection, urban growth analysis, defeating camouflage, disaster assessment, etc.

    EigenCAM App Demo


    EigenCAM Software App Features Summary

    • Requires Android™ 2.3 and above
    • IOS coming soon


      1. Decorrelation Stretch.  Full Frame or Center ROI.
      2. NDVI.
      3. Clustering.
      4. Separate RGB Channels.
      5. Object Color Matching.
      6. Flat Fielding Correction.
      7. Quantum Efficiency Correction.
      1. Camera Captured Image Processing.
      2. Live Video Image Processing.
      3. Automatic Image Capture (Time Elapse).
      4. Remote Start/Pause/Stop for Automatic Image Capture via Another Smart Device Web Browser.
      5. Save Both "Raw" And/Or Processed Imagery In Automatic Image Capture Mode.
      6. Store imagery on External SD Card, If Available.
      7. Annotation.
      8. Time Stamp.

       Reveal hidden information in Rock Art (Baja California cave painting)
      Top - Normal RGB image.
      Bottom - EigenCAM  enhanced hidden message in the cave painting.
       Find man-made camouflage objects. 
      Top - Multispectral image as captured by camera.  
      Bottom - EigenCAM revealed camouflage netting (magenta), simulated "trash" (green disc) in the vegetation landscape.


      Defeating camouflage image processing EigenCAM app
      Defeating camouflage image processing in EigenCAM app