About Us

Eigen Imaging Inc is a California based smartphone developer for multi-spectral, UV-VISIBLE-NIR, and fluorescence imaging applications supporting Google's Android and Apple's iOS platforms.  We're specialized in modifying smartphone camera modules for near infrared imaging applications by removing the original near infrared cut-off filter.

Custom Optical Design and Software Development Services:
  • Smartphone optics and illumination system design for UV, Visible, NIR, and Fluorescence imaging.
  • Porting MATLAB codes to C, C++, C#.
  • Computer vision for smartphones: Android, IOS.
  • Customize our Patented smartphone spectrometer module to your applications.
  • Modify smartphone camera modules for near infrared sensitivity.
  • Projects collaboration.


Sales and Support


US distributor:
James Le
Tel. 714.588.1220
Fax 714.668.1907