IR and NIR Readings from the Application


I would like to use the application to determine NDVI specifically from IR and NIR wavelengths in vineyards. We are aiming to correlate findings from the app with other data obtained from the Greenseeker and Crop Circle sensors as well as SPAD and Total N.

Do you think your application is up to the task and at what distance from the canopy should we be collecting the images from? How do you overcome the issue of saturation?


Our NIR camera modules have wavelength sensitivity of about 700-1050nm range so it might not have the extended NIR wavelengths for your application.


In general:

  • Our modified cameras will function normally as the original camera on the smartphone.
  • You need to add an optical filter, bandpass or longpass,  per your application requirement.
  • The pictures can be taken with the native app of the phone or with our EigenCAM, multispectral app.  
  • We can customize the app for your specific applications.