Invisible Fibers and NIR camera


I’m really interested by your product and plan to use it to detect security fibers in security paper. Do you know a company that provide such kind of paper or fibers? I’m not talking about luminescent security fibers, but NIR security fibers acting as the NIR pigments shown in your demo video.

I understand you cannot disclose the name of the company. But we are active in the anticounterfeiting field and would like to use your product with our technology. Maybe, you could ask the company that makes the dyes if they are interested by new customer/partnership and give them my coordinates?


We're sorry that we cannot disclose the company that sent us the samples due to confidentiality.  We don't know of vendors for those NIR marker dyes.  If you google Near Infrared fluorescent ink dye you'll see many companies sell those chemicals in various forms.